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Ambassadors of Hope in Healthcare

Melissa Wurm, Director, Performance Excellence Coaching, HealthStream Engagement Institute

Recent studies done by HealthStream indicate that, as it relates to their healthcare, patients hope to be treated with dignity and respect, and they hope that their emotional needs will be met along with their medical needs. We must all realize that we as individuals are ambassadors of that hope.

Ambassadors of Hope is a concept we developed to help healthcare workers of all levels gauge their own abilities and reasons for choosing a healthcare profession. It also describes how we can improve on all of the facets that make for a refined, engaged, and inspired individual, to truly understand our daily impact in a healthcare environment. Ultimately, healthcare workers inspire and help other human beings to live or have sanctity of life regardless of their disease or affliction.

Healthcare is a customer service-based industry, but it goes deeper than just customer service. We are in the business of people providing the ultimate service to other people—human beings taking care of human beings, which is something that gets lost in the textbooks. Perhaps this is why many educational institutions are making it mandatory for their healthcare students to learn how to provide the ultimate customer service in an effort to improve the patient experience.

This paper also examines the vital role of:

  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Accountable Ambassadors

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