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Wanted: The Always Experience. Needed: The Always Executive.

Kathleen Lynam, Executive Coach, HealthStream Engagement Institute 

CAHPS has captured the mind, heart, and profit/loss statements of healthcare leaders around the country. We are now paying a great deal of attention to surveys where the desired answer to questions about the nature of a care experience is “Always.” As a result, the Always Patient Experience is an agenda item at executive team meetings in boardrooms and at many daily front-line staff huddles in hospitals from California to New York. Leaders, staff, and physicians alike are debating the actions needed to achieve the Always Patient Experience.

In this white paper, we share some best practices that we have seen companies use in achieving the cultural transformation necessary to support an Always Experience. In particular, we focus on the critical role and responsibility of the executive leader for effecting the cultural change needed for a Culture of Always. We describe the key steps utilized by HealthStream in helping an executive team lead the transformation needed to become an Always Culture. Finally, we will share some tips and observations of three partner hospital CEOs who are leading their organizations on a journey toward an Always Culture.

This paper also includes:

  • With CAHPS, the Climate Has Changed
  • The Public Votes NO CONFIDENCE
  • Critical Tools Needed by Healthcare Leaders
  • 3 Executive Interviews about changing culture
  • 4 nonnegotiable rules for improving patient experience

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