• PX Advisor

    Summer 2017

    For most providers, now is a time of financial uncertainty in the healthcare industry. Anticipating lower reimbursement rates under almost any scenario, healthcare executives are struggling to find new sources of revenue while simultaneously trying to avoid big expenses.
  • Q1 2017 PXA Cover

    Winter 2017

    THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for good communication, especially in healthcare. Research shows that communication is a key driver of clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and even our own career advancement. In this issue of the PX Advisor, we take a deeper look at healthcare communication.
  • PXA Summer 2016 Single Pages-high-res

    Summer 2016

    Healthcare organizations continue to strive to improve the quality of patient care in the U.S. There are many well-known statistics that reinforce for us that quality levels in our industry are not where they need to be. In this issue of the PX Advisor, we take a look at what some of our clients are doing to improve quality in their organizations.
  • Spring 2016 PX Advisor

    Spring 2016

    The non-acute sector of the healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous change. Non-acute providers are struggling with increasing demand due to an aging population, the absorption of new technology, the difficulty of documenting outcomes, and the pressure to integrate to offer services that span the continuum of care.
  • PXA Winter 2016 (1)_Page_01

    Winter 2016

    At this point, healthcare organizations are working hard to meet the immediate challenges of recent years and are well down the learning curve in absorbing change and making improvements. In this issue of PXAdvisor, we look at trends for 2016, workforce development trends in the face of shortages, and the role of innovation as we work to improve outcomes.
  • 2015-11-09_9-49-28

    Fall 2015

    It is no wonder that nearly half of the physicians in the U.S. are suffering the debilitating effects of burnout. In this issue of the PX Advisor, we take an in-depth look at some of these issues physicians are facing and identify best practices, coping mechanisms, and a few new solutions that you might find helpful as you work with your own medical staff.
  • px-new

    Summer 2015

    Healthcare organizations today are facing more compliance challenges than ever. Many in the industry are feeling overwhelmed by the increasing number of regulatory mandates. In this issue, we examine a number of these challenges, consider new recommendations, and offer some insights for mitigating organizational risk.
  • px-advisor-spring-2015-cover

    Spring 2015

    In this issue of PX Advisor, we are focusing on nurses—there are very few jobs in our country that are as demanding as those held by advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse’s aides. It is clearly a challenging occupation for those driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. In addition to facing a demanding work environment, we discuss how the nursing profession is being heavily influenced by government mandates and changing standards of care.
  • px-advisor-winter-2015-cover

    Winter 2015

    Everyone at HealthStream is proud to bring you the Winter 2015 issue of PX Advisor, our quarterly publication that embodies our commitment to bring you regular thought leadership on improving the patient experience. This quarter we are looking closely at the challenges and opportunities faced by the healthcare industry in 2015. We also discuss long term changes in the works for many areas of the healthcare industry—some a result of demographics and others a product of legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act.
  • px-advisor-fall-2014-cover

    Fall 2014

    The Fall 2014 issue of PX Advisor aligns closely with one of the most important contributors to the patient experience: quality. In multiple ways we address how efforts to improve quality, including changes to care delivery and training, can improve care providers’ operations, and ultimately, patient outcomes
  • px-advisor-summer-2014-cover

    Summer 2014

    For PX Advisor’s Summer 2014 Issue, our focus is on one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations today—talent management. Every article links to the primary role of staff in creating exceptional patient experiences, offering success formulas and concrete strategies for successful workforce development.
  • px-adviosr-spring-2014-cover

    Spring 2014

    The Spring 2014 issue of PX Advisor explores the relationship between the patient experience and the emergency department (ED), which is often viewed as the doorway to hospitals and holds the potential to influence HCAHPS scores and reimbursement.
  • px-advisor-winter-2014-cover

    Winter 2014

    The Winter 2014 issue focuses on the patient experience challenges facing healthcare organizations and providers as we move into a care environment dominated by healthcare reform and the transition towards value-based healthcare.
  • PX_Advisor_Issue-1

    Inaugural Issue - Fall 2013

    In this inaugural issue, we look at CG-CAHPS–what is being mandated by CMS, what we can expect from public transparency in this area, and how healthcare organizations should be thinking about and preparing for this important new government initiative.

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