PX Advisor

Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 issue of PX Advisor addresses one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations today—talent management. We take an in-depth look at the components of effective talent management programs and their direct translation to an exceptional patient experience. From creating a culture of accountability and the importance of senior leadership engagement to workforce development and organizational goal alignment, we offer success formulas and concrete strategies for developing talent management in your organization.

This issue of PX Advisor Includes:

  • Executive Letter
    Welcome from HealthStream CEO Bobby Frist
  • Communication Innovation
    The Role of Coaching in Patient-Centered Excellence
  • Re-CAHPS
    It’s a CAHPS, CAHPS World!
  • Customer Spotlight
    McLaren Strengthened Its Workforce Development Initiatives By Standardizing Online Learning
  • Our Perspective
    Making Goals Matter: The Power of Cascading Goals in Healthcare
  • And the Data Says
    Understanding Healthcare Employee Engagement: What Surveys and Data Tell Us
  • Feature Article
    Q&A with Al Stubblefield: An Insider’s Look at Talent Management in Healthcare
  • Our Toolbox
    Five Questions You Should Ask About Your Workforce
  • Under the Microscope
    The Accountability Factor
  • Our Talent Pool
    Q&A with Donna Sue Snyder, Senior Director, Human Resources, HealthStream

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