PX Advisor

Fall 2014

This issue of PX Advisor aligns closely with one of the most important contributors to the patient experience: quality. You will read about high-level quality issues, including our feature article about changes in the physician workplace. You can also learn about the quality gains being achieved by changing care delivery. Other topics covered include specific quality improvements that impact the patient experience, the latest trends regarding patients’ perceptions of care quality, and the ample opportunities for organizations to focus their efforts to improve operations and the work environment in order to achieve better outcomes.

This issue of PX Advisor Includes:

  • Executive Letter
    Welcome from Bobby Frist
  • Feature Article
    Q&A with Dr. Miles Snowden, TeamHealth’s Chief Medical Officer on Quality in Healthcare
  • Re-CAHPS
    When Will CG-CAHPS Be Required?
  • Under the Microscope
    HealthStream’s Predictive Insights National Healthcare Marketing & Strategy Industry Study
  • Product Innovation
    The Impact of Device Training on Quality Improvements
  • And the Data Says
    Focused on Quality, Hospitals Improve Patient Experience Results
  • Industry Perspective
    Hospitals: The Care Quality Impact of Accountable Care Organizations
  • Your Toolbox
    Does Your Staff Deliver High-Quality CPR?
  • Partner Spotlight
    Building a Foundation for Quality Improvement in Post-Acute Care
  • Customer Spotlight
    HealthStream Awards of Excellence
  • Our Talent Pool
    Q&A with Leigh Anne Bradley, Director of Coaching, BLG, a HealthStream Company
  • HealthStream Summit 2015

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