PX Advisor

Summer 2015

As you well know, healthcare is a heavily regulated industry; care providers are under the oversight of myriad state and federal agencies ranging from OSHA to CMS—in addition to private organizations such as JCAHO and NCQA. In this environment, healthcare organizations today are facing numerous compliance challenges. Many in the industry are feeling overwhelmed by the increasing number of regulatory mandates stemming from recently enacted legislation such as the HITECH Act, the Accountable Care Act, and the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. In this issue of PX Advisor, we take a look at a number of these challenges and also consider new recommendations for continuous resuscitation training, managing corporate conflicts of interest, what is required under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) with the OIG, increasing threats to cyber security, and challenges faced by the industry in reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. Our intention is that you will gain some insights from others that will help you to mitigate risks in your own organization.

This issue includes:

  • Industry Perspective

    Online Medical Technology Training and Compliance: An Interview with HCA’s Lee Ann Hanna

  • Industry Challenge

    Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

  • Hot Topic

    10 Things to Know about Hospital Readmissions

  • Under the Microscope

    Meeting the Training Requirements of Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs)

  • Feature Article

    Frequent Practice and Real-Time Feedback Are Keys to Improved Resuscitation

  • And the Data Says

    Transitions of Care: Points of Vulnerability that Can Lead to Unnecessary Readmissions

  • Re-CAHPS

    CAHPS & Compliance

  • Workforce Development

    Human Resources: Is Your House in Order?

  • Product Innovation

    “Conflicts of Interest” Are Becoming Hot Topics in Healthcare

  • Close-Up

    Individualized Care Is Key to Patient Compliance

  • Expert Opinion

    Resuscitation Challenges: A Discussion with HealthStream Experts Marnie Kelly and Rachel Askew

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