PX Advisor

Winter 2016

For the past several years, healthcare professionals have been faced with a number of government initiatives, each presenting a significant challenge. For example:

  • Will we be ready for the transition to ICD-10?
  • Does our staff have the customer-focus necessary for us to score well on CAHPS surveys?
  • Can we significantly reduce our number of hospital-acquired conditions?
  • Can we reduce unnecessary readmissions?

As we enter 2016, the answer to each of these questions— for most organizations—has been a positive one. While organizations may not yet have reached the pinnacle for which they aspire in each area, they have largely met the immediate challenges and are well down the learning curve in absorbing change and making improvements.

At this juncture in the decade, we are recognizing at least two benefits. First, we are gaining confidence in our ability to deliver on these government mandates. Second, we are beginning to look beyond these mandated hurdles to the challenges we will be facing over the next five years, including: 

  • Addressing the recruiting and training needs of clinical staff in the face of looming shortages.
  • Implementing the new business models that will be necessary to thrive in a pay for quality environment.
  • Initiating more robust revenue cycle management in the face of declining inpatient volumes.

This issue of PX Advisor includes:

  • Executive Letter

    A New Era of Confidence

  • Feature Article

    LIVING LABS: Talking Nurse Residency Pathways with Stanford’s Shirley Sampson

  • Feature Article

    Trends to Watch in 2016

  • Feature Article

    For Ardent’s Jamie Heitgrass,It’s All about Employee Engagement

  • Industry Challenge

    Super Charging the Confidence of New Nurses

  • Under the Microscope

    Is Your Organization a Revolving Door?


    CAHPS Experience Surveys: A Snapshot of What’s in Store for 2016

  • Expert Opinion

    Onboarding – An Interview with Kimberly Herold, HealthStream’s Director, Professional Development Pathways

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