PX Advisor

Spring 2016

The non-acute sector of the healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous change.

Non-acute providers are struggling with increasing demand due to an aging population, the absorption of new technology, the difficulty of documenting outcomes, and the pressure to integrate to offer services that span the continuum of care.

For example, the days of delivering fragmented care between physicians, hospitals, and non-acute providers are quickly disappearing. Government regulations are forcing all parties to work together to improve the quality of patient care and simultaneously reduce costs. CMS has just instituted (April, 2016) a mandatory hip and knee replacement bundled payment program in select markets in the U.S. The payment bundle includes inpatient care for joint replacement surgery and all additional care provided during the 90-day period following discharge. CMS has proposed to bundle 50 percent of all post-acute care payments by 2020.

One result of this new regulation is that non-acute providers are racing to become “good partners” with hospitals, health systems, and payers. Expect to see better customer service and communication between acute and non-acute providers, more use of RNs as opposed to LPNs in the post-acute setting, and facilities offering more non-acute amenities for patients.

This issue of PX Advisor, in which we take a deep dive into the non-acute healthcare sector, includes:

  • Executive Letter

    Care Across the Continuum

  • Feature Article:

    Shining a Spotlight on Non-Acute Care

  • Feature Article:

    Strange Bedfellows–Long Term Care Expert Al Litwiller Comments on the New Alliance between Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Feature Article

    Can Home Caregivers Be the Eyes and Ears of the Larger Healthcare Team?

  • Industry Challenge

    Moments That Matter: The Role of Every Person in Healthcare

  • Under the Microscope

    Six Things You Need to Know About End-of-Life Care

  • HealthStream100

    Most Leaders Think Healthcare Quality, Staff Confidence Could Be Better


    CAHPS Update: A Deep Dive into Hospice and Home Health Results

  • Expert Opinion

    Perilous Times for Skilled Nursing Facilities: An Interview with HealthStream’s Skilled Nursing Expert Louis Vick

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