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HealthStream Onboarding Series: Essential Best Practices in Preceptor Training

No hospital role is more integral to the quality movement than nursing. Consequently, nurse bedside readiness is much more critical than it was even a few years ago. New nurses, whether they are fresh out of college or experienced clinicians, need to be fully competent and engaged in all patient-care processes soon after they are hired to ensure hospitals continue to meet quality and patient experience objectives.

One of the best ways a hospital can prepare new nurses for the rigors of their job is by offering an advanced onboarding process that is anchored by a nurse preceptorship program. In fact, hospitals that offer well-structured preceptorships that include highly trained preceptors, not only quickly transition nurses towards clinical competency but also help them become sharpened, critical thinkers. 

It includes such areas as:

  • Why Precepting is More Important Than Ever
  • Giving Preceptors the Tools to Succeed
  • How Preceptorships Differ from Mentorships
  • Year 1: the Cost of High Nurse Turnover
  • Identifying Qualified Preceptors
  • How HealthStream’s Clinical Orientation Prepares New and Experienced Nurses

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