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Measure What Matters: Ensuring an Effective Healthcare Competency Program

Healthcare organizations understand that they need to evaluate the competency of their staff. Big changes happening in the healthcare industry continue to sharpen the focus on competency programs. As the industry gets even more serious about delivering patient-centered, value-based care, nurses and other staff members are facing new responsibilities and learning requirements. They must attain higher levels of education and competency in order to meet challenging clinical care and business goals. These developments, along with the constantly changing nature of healthcare delivery, make it an ideal time to review competency programs, competency assessment goals, and create strategies targeted toward building and maintaining an advanced workforce.

This paper includes:

  • Competence Vs. Competency
  • Elements of a Successful Competency Assessment Program
  • Setting Competency Program Goals
  • Three Reasons Competency Assessments Matter
  • Matching Validation Methods to Competencies
  • Adopting Checklists Enterprise-Wide
  • Does your organization overuse checklists?

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