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The Need to Develop a Culturally Competent Workforce in Senior Living

Cultural competency is at the core of high quality, resident-centered services and care in senior living and long-term care settings, directly impacting how they are delivered and received by residents. According to the Institute of Medicine’s report (2002), Unequal Treatment Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare, a consistent body of research indicates a lack of culturally competent care directly contributes to poor patient outcomes, reduced patient compliance, and increased health disparities, regardless of the quality of services and systems available. In addition to improving care quality and resident satisfaction, delivering culturally competent care increases job satisfaction and contributes to staff retention.

This paper includes:

  • Health disparities and health equity
  • What is culturally competent care
  • Why do we need a culturally competent health care workforce?
  • Supporting the need for cultural competency development for the senior living/long-term care workforce
  • Assessing the community’s cultural competency
  • National standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services
  • The nurse’s role in delivering culturally competent care in senior living and long-term care

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