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The Value of Cascading Goals in Healthcare

Are your employees aware of your organization’s vision and top objectives? If your organization is like most hospitals and healthcare organizations, employees do not have any insight into your key objectives. While there’s a lot of talk in healthcare about the importance of setting and measuring goals, many hospital objectives don’t make it past the C-suite for myriad reasons, including lack of clarity, relevance, and follow-through.

As healthcare enters a new age, one that is vastly different from even just five years ago, it’s easy to see that poorly executed goal programs will lead to lackluster results as organizations work to address critical financial and patient care targets. Through the creation of a cascading goal system, which is an efficient way to address the complexities of hospital operations, leadership can share their strategic objectives and ensure that all goals throughout the organization tie back toward achieving those key strategic goals.

Topics in this white paper include:

  • Cascading Goals Take Root in Healthcare
  • How Goal Systems Help Cure Healthcare’s Ills
  • Understanding and Addressing Goal-Setting Challenges in Healthcare
  • Aligning Goals to Key Employee Groups
  • Top 5 Goal-Setting Practices
  • HealthStream’s Cascading Goal Management and Consulting Services

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