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Is an ACO Another Name for an HMO? What are the Health Plans Doing?

Since the 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), industry, media, and national interest has grown in the concept of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Most of the recent press releases have been focused on Medicare’s initiatives on developing ACOs as part of the Shared Savings Program3 and Pioneer ACO4 demonstration projects. What hasn’t got a lot of attention has been the various health plan ACO partnership initiatives that have been taking place throughout the country. The health plans are currently replacing less-risk bearing product lines such as a preferred provider organization (PPO) with an ACO-like product in hopes of increasing the value they receive for the prices they pay by lowering the cost of care, improving health status, and integrating the continuum of care.

This white paper features:

  • A compendium of the current ACO marketplace by state and sponsor
  • Health Plan Initiatives involving ACOs
  • ACOs, Alternative Care Models, and Health Plan Partnerships
  • A Private Market ACOs Roundtable Q&A

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