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Creating Patient-Centered Excellence in the Physician Office

While CAHPS may have played a large role in the impetus to improve the inpatient experience, creating a seamless and transformative experience for patients must include the care they receive in non-acute settings as well. Even so, lessons learned from the acute care setting clearly show that merely launching a patient experience program is insufficient for creating a culture of patient-centered excellence.

How do you engage physician practices in the world of patient experience when they are already facing time and financial constraints? Successful practices start by asking one important question: Why should we build a patient-centered culture? This question sets the stage for creating and cascading the practice’s unique vision of patient-centered excellence throughout the organization. It also puts practices on the right path toward aligning their broader practice goals with patient experience goals.

This paper addresses:

  • Critical First Step: Know Your “Why”
  • Creating and Cascading Your Vision
  • Case Study: Golden Valley Health Centers, Merced, Ca
  • Creating a New Vision for Patient Excellence
  • What Creates a Great Patient Experience? Four Key Areas.
  • The Physician’s Changing Role in the New World of CG-CAHPS
  • 10 Tips to Help Physicians RELATESM to Their Patients


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