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Online Education to Help You on Your Journey

Will Interactive

The Anatomy of Care is a Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulation (VEILS®) course allows care providers the opportunity to explore and understand the impact of their actions and attitudes on patient care and perceptions. Users assume the roles of 5 different healthcare employees, make decisions for these characters, and experience the consequences of their choices.

Xcelerated Learning Dynamics (XLD)

Role-based CAHPS learning and assessments for each survey domain, develops the skills necessary to improve the patient experience.

Astute Doctor

Astute Doctor Education provides CME-accredited online courses that teach physicians how to use empathy and patient-centered communication to enrich the patient experience. Delivered in an engaging audiovisual format, Astute Doctor courses expedite learning through narrated animations, case studies, and interactive diagrams. The courses directly improve patient experience scores by enhancing physician competencies in critical areas such as showing courtesy and respect, listening attentively, and explaining things clearly to patients.

Task to Touch

Designed to be relatable for today’s busy healthcare providers, Task To Touch™ micro learning provides brief, high quality, professionally acted lessons based on reenactments of real patient experiences. The content allows employees to see what the patient experiences to build patient/provider relationships and achieve the emotional intelligence, communication, and acuity skills necessary to understand and change patient perception.

Duke Integrative Medicine

Duke Integrative Medicine partners with healthcare organizations to support patient-centered care and provide efficacy. Duke Integrative Medicine is uniquely positioned to train healthcare and allied health professionals in effective health behavior change.

HealthStream Learning Center

Millions of healthcare professionals across all care settings use the HealthStream Learning Center every day. From powerful automation and valuable reporting to a library of over 20,000 courses, we built the Learning Center with your specific needs in mind.

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