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Provide affordable recertification options

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Attract top talent


Give staff flexible options

Having trouble attracting and retaining top EMS talent?

Voluntary and turnover rates average 20-30% for EMTs and paramedics. How are you attracting and maintaining top talent? A great place to start is by providing your staff with an easy way to achieve recertification. Our EMS program helps your emergency professionals maintain their continuing education requirements with CAPCE accredited courses that are aligned with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians® (NREMT) content areas.

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Optimize competency while reducing EMS training costs

HealthStream understands the increasing need for accessible and affordable training options and helps you build a trackable and scalable program. We offer a comprehensive, CAPCE accredited EMS course library that meets National Registry annual recertification requirements.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage the EMS Program to:

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Give staff flexible options in how they train to meet recertification


Provide affordable recertification options to staff


Attract top talent




  • Complete platform functionality - includes option for uploading your own courses
  • Federal & state training requirements tracking
  • 70+ Hours of CAPCE approved courses
  • Post-assessments
  • Conveniently available in virtual format
  • Compliant with state regulations / requirements


  • Access to CAPCE and National Registry listed courses
  • Greater value for the investment
  • A platform that’s engaging and easy to navigate
  • Customize the user experience with flexible templates and engaging features that fit your organization's training needs

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Searching for an affordable and flexible option to train EMS staff?
  • Looking to attract and retain top EMS talent?
  • Overspending for ongoing training and recertification?

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See for yourself how the EMS Program can provide your EMS staff with an affordable and easy to navigate recertification option.