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It is critical your staff knows how to work as a team to ensure successful resuscitation outcomes.

Resuscitation success rates have not improved over the last decade. There is a significant disparity in the odds of survival across various healthcare organizations, an indicator of inconsistent training and a lack of confidence among staff. Responders need consistent, scalable practice to improve success rates.
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Grow your staff’s confidence and competence with simulated resuscitation opportunities.

Developed in partnership with AORN, HealthStream’s new Resuscitation Specialty Sims focuses on developing the role-based competency of each clinical team member working within the group dynamic that occurs in resuscitation events. This unique program allows team members to practice their roles in a safe, simulated environment.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage Resuscitation Specialty Sims to:

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Improve resuscitation team response time and accuracy

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Provide experiential practice for each role

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Document training for regulatory purposes


Resuscitation Specialty Sims Product

Program Features

  • Learning on demand: The scenarios are quick and usually take the learner just 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Realistic environments: Familiar environments give learners a realistic representation of what they might see in clinical practice.


  • Measure confidence and competence: Advanced reporting allows learners to see scores that reflect both accuracy of decision making and confidence.
  • Protocol-driven with a clinical specialty focus: The intentional connection to the context of the resuscitation makes the Resuscitation Specialty Sims a standout educational experience.

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Client Spotlight

It is critical that perioperative nurses receive resuscitation education specific to their environments. We are excited to be in partnership with HealthStream for this type of industry-first resuscitation education

Linda K. Groah

Chief Executive Officer


It’s not a test- it’s learning a new skill. Some people can learn how to ride a bike after one try, others may need to hop on several times before it clicks. That’s also how these manikins work. We are learning skills and correcting old habits.

Nathalie Korpics

MS, Training Manager, Radiology

Massachusetts General Hospital

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Looking for a simple way to incorporate more resuscitation practice time for your whole team?
  • Frustrated with the consistency level of resuscitation care?
  • In need of data insights into the confidence and performance of staff?

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See for yourself how Resuscitation Specialty Sims can improve critical thinking skills and give your staff the confidence they need to perform well in any resuscitation event.