Predicting the unpredictable

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the challenges involved in predicting demand spikes and underscored the life-and-death situations that can arise if an organization is unprepared. The pandemic caused an unprecedented surge; however, there are more frequently occurring emergent events, such as natural disasters and mass accidents, which cause precipitous increases in demand. To realize effective capacity management, your organization must be able to plan for and respond to these situations as easily as you anticipate daily resource needs.

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HealthStream's Operational Intelligence solution

  • Enables health systems to accurately forecast daily patient demand through sophisticated data modeling for maximized capacity.
  • Improves resource alignment, and safer care — even during periods of unexpected demand — while communicating the patient care progression to every stakeholder.

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Planning ahead is easier when you can predict the unpredictable. Learn how HealthStream Operational intelligence products can help you balance resources at scale and power faster, safer throughput.