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Meet tomorrow’s capacity challenges with preparation today

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the challenge in predicting demand spikes and underscored the risk in being unprepared. Are you confident in your company’s ability to intelligently align resources for immediate volume? HealthStream Capacity & Resource Advisor™ helps health systems realize effective capacity management, guiding organizations to easily coordinate daily resources while planning for unexpected fluctuations in census.

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Refine hospital capacity planning

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Improve the accuracy of demand forecasting

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Bring data together from existing technology

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Plan for unexpected surges in volume


Capacity and Resource Advisor

Real-Time Visibility

  • Sophisticated data models adjust in real-time to improve forecasting accuracy
  • Machine learning transforms patient flow data into actionable information
  • Feed forecasted insights into staffing and scheduling workflow
  • AI-driven predictive analytics build forecasts based on potential scenarios


  • Forecasts adjust as events occur, increasing the cumulative intelligence base
  • Intuitive dashboards with multi-facility and regional views
  • Staffing guidance based on forecasted volumes and staff certifications

Accurately predict demand to precisely align resources

  • HealthStream Capacity & Resource Advisor™ is the premier cloud-based forecasting solution for health systems who need to accurately predict daily and unexpected demand and align resources for optimal care.

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