• 87%
    of engaged employees are less likely to leave their companies
  • 2.5X
    more revenue for companies with engaged employees vs. competitors
  • 86%
    of organizations say culture and engagement is a top challenge

Explore our Employee Engagement Solutions

Annual Surveys

Engagement & Satisfaction Survey
Contains 44 questions for national benchmarking, which have been thoroughly tested for their reliability and validity and have been proven to be highly predictive of hospital employees’ overall satisfaction with their workplace

Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
Examines patient safety culture from a hospital staff perspective.  It places an emphasis on patient safety issues and on error and event reporting through measurement of seven unit-level aspects of safety culture, three hospital-level aspects of safety culture and four outcomes variables.

Targeted Surveys

Nurse Excellence & Satisfaction Survey
This survey helps meet the new requirements for Magnet, and also supports Pathways to Excellence, nurse retention, and culture-of-excellence initiatives in your organization.

NewHire90 Survey
This survey captures feedback from new employees, helping organizations identify the key drivers impacting initial job satisfaction and voluntary turnover within the first 90 days of hire.

Data Visualization and Action Planning Tool

Engage Rx 
A simple, reliable way to get survey data and action planning into the hands of those who can make the greatest impact on your organization’s employee engagement. Engage RX lets organizations quickly distribute survey results to leaders, facilitate collaboration, and track action plan progress across the entire organization. 

For your leaders, EngageRX provides easy access to unit- or department-level survey results.  Highly engaging data visualization helps leaders easily identify strengths and areas for improvement.  Collaborative functionality makes it easy to discuss results and improvement ideas with teams, and build, manage, and track action plans.

Employee Communication Tool

Bright Ideas
Your frontline staff and physicians have real, actionable ideas for improvement – ideas that can increase performance and patient satisfaction.  Ideas that can reduce costs and improve safety.  And ideas that, left unused and ignored, decrease engagement and could lead to poor outcomes. Bright Ideas is a web-based customizable platform that helps hospitals, clinics, and non-acute facilities foster an environment where great ideas can come from every corner, and employees are truly engaged – creating a foundation for innovation, sustainable performance improvement, and real cost saving.

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