myClinicalExchange: November 2023 Enhanced Experience Tour

November 15, 2023 @ 11am CST

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About this Webinar

Join us Wednesday, November 15 at 11 am CST as we share the new enhancements and improvements we've made to myClinicalExchange. In addition, we will showcase important updates to the myClinicalExchange Community and introduce a new collaboration with Nursegrid, the number 1 app for nurses.

Webinar: Get The Most Out of myClinicalExchange:

  • Improvements to the overall experience
  • Preview of upcoming enhancements
  • Updates the myClinicalExchange Community for school and hospital administrators
  • New collaboration with the number 1 app for nurses

We hope you will join the myClinicalExchange webinar as we share advances in how we are empowering students, schools, and hospitals across the entire clinical placement journey. 

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About the Speakers

23-WD-COMP-338-11.15.23 Private Webinar-MCE-Headshot Image-Scott

Scott McQuigg

SVP, Digital and Network Development

23-WD-COMP-338-11.15.23 Private Webinar-MCE-Headshot Image-Bintee

Bintee Karia

Product Manager

23-WD-COMP-338-11.15.23 Private Webinar-MCE-Headshot Image-Jon

Jon Weber

Director, Ecosystem Partner Success

23-WD-COMP-338-11.15.23 Private Webinar-MCE-Headshot Image-Lauryn

Lauryn Davis

Senior Director, Development

23-WD-COMP-338-11.15.23 Private Webinar-MCE-Headshot Image-Shanti

Shanti Gangadharan

AVP, Product Management

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