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HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations' greatest asset: their people. Our solutions are contracted by healthcare organizations in the U.S. for workforce development, training & learning management, talent management, credentialing, privileging, provider enrollment, performance assessment, and managing simulation-based education programs.

We are committed to solving big problems in healthcare. From hospitals to long-term care and across the care continuum, there are challenges stemming from demographic changes, governmental mandates, and the need for higher care quality. HealthStream helps organizations strengthen the revenue cycle, improve care transitions, increase retention, reduce risk, plan for leadership succession, and be more compliant—to name just a few of the ways we help care providers. What unites us is our philosophy that “every patient deserves the best possible workforce.”


  • 1990
    Year Founded
  • 850+
    Team Members
  • $231.6M
    2018 Revenue

HealthStream’s vision is to improve the quality of healthcare by developing the people who deliver care.

Our Brands

HealthStream continues to expand our community of brands, through organizations focused on solving big problems faced by our customers. We have acquired these companies because they are leaders among their competitors, share our focus on improving the healthcare workforce, and demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and customer service that is aligned with HealthStream’s values.


See Our Solutions In Action

Over the last 25 years, thousands of healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to help fulfill their promise of high quality care.


Kettering Health Network

Learn why HealthStream's CEPath has been a benefit to the nurses at Kettering Health Network.

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Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System

HFHS realized its forward-looking vision for a COI management solution that automates processes, streamlines procedures, saves money and reduces risk using COI-SMART software offered by HCCS, now a HealthStream Company, a leading provider of healthcare compliance training and tracking solutions.

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Return on Investment
Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center

Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center

MSLCC now uses HealthStream resources for new employee orientation which has made the process more efficient and engaging.

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