How are best practices for sedation and surgery delivered at your facility?

Surgery is often the only intervention to prevent adverse health outcomes and improve quality of life. With surgery, comes the need for safe moderate sedation to usher the patient from a place of unsatisfactory to better health outcomes. From moderate sedation to comprehensive education for surgical practices, we have the tools to equip your staff and promote optimal surgical and sedation outcomes.



Red Cross Sedation


American Red Cross

Achieve excellence in administering and managing moderate sedation based on the most current science (consistent with ASA and AAP guidelines). Created in collaboration with the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA), the Red Cross program empowers the non-anesthesia healthcare professional to safely administer moderate anesthesia.

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National Sedation Center


National Sedation Center

Establish conscious sedation assurance and skill, as well as rescue from complications. Achieve the latest industry standards to minimize risks in conscious sedation practiced outside of the operating room and earn the first of its kind moderate sedation certification.

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Digital Med



Maximize your team’s outcomes in infection control, patient positioning, malignant hyperthermia, team building and more with DigitalMed. Deliver a comprehensive understanding of perioperative nursing care and best practices for key assessments with DigitalMed’s Medical-Surgical Collection and Perioperative Collection.

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Ensure the highest standard of care for surgical and sedation patients

How can your organization benefit from reduced complications, enhanced efficiency and an advancement of medical science? When knowledge and synergistic teamwork converge, the highest standard of care becomes a reality, positively impacting the lives of patients and propelling the field of medicine forward. Let’s work together to improve surgical and sedation outcomes.


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