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Over the last 25 years, thousands of healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to help fulfill their promise of high quality care.

Mary Lanning Healthcare

Mary Lanning Healthcare

Mary Lanning Healthcare believes effective employee recognition is a key component in creating an engaged workforce. Learn more about how they implemented AMPT to boost their empoyee recognition program. Read Full Story
San Luis Valley Health

San Luis Valley Health

San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) used HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway as an essential component of the effort to improve orientation and retention for new nurse residents. Read Full Story
Hartford HealthCare

Hartford HealthCare

Initiative Management enabled Hartford HealthCare (HHC) to consolidate their learning management into one LMS, and launch Epic throughout the health system. Read Full Story

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The Heart of HealthStream

At HealthStream, we are driven by a passion to improve the quality of healthcare. This passion often stems from personal experience, and is the motivator behind the work we do every day. Watch as four HealthStream employees share their stories about the moments that influenced their commitment to improving high-quality resuscitation training.


The Heart of HealthStream

Watch as four HealthStream employees share their stories about how high-quality resuscitation training has impacted their lives, and learn how each story contributed to the choice to commit themselves to improving the quality of healthcare.

Kerry Cicero, Vice President, Marketing

As someone who witnessed her mother pass away of a heart attack prematurely, Kerry took matters into her own hands when it comes to her heart health. Watch how her experience forever changed her outlook on CPR training for healthcare professionals.

James Wilber, RN, Product Manager

Sudden cardiac arrest can often happen when you least expect it, especially even for those who are trained nurses. Watch as James discusses a time he witnessed a shocking car accident that forever changed his outlook on CPR.

Tonya Cooke, Project Manager

You never know when you'll put your CPR certification to use... it could be saving your own child's life. Watch as HealthStream employee Tonya describes a time when the unimaginable happened to her and why she's committed to high-quality CPR.

William Morris, RN, Resuscitation Coach

A heart attack can be a scary and stressful experience, especially when it happens to someone you love. Watch as Will discusses the loss of his father at a young age and how it reinforced his decision to go into healthcare.

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While you bravely work the frontlines during this crisis, we're right here with you doing everything we can to pull together the latest training and information you need regarding Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), so you can deliver safe and effective care to patients, residents and clients.

Your unwavering commitment, courage and selflessness is inspiring. It emphasizes the importance of our commitment to you—providing the resources that enable you to deliver the best care possible while ensuring your safety, especially when the stakes are high.


We extend our deepest admiration to the nurses, technicians, doctors and staff who are answering the call—leaving families to work extra shifts, dealing with stretched resources and navigating the chaos of these uncertain times—all in an effort to help patients and their families.

Thank you,
Robert A. Frist, Jr.
CEO & Co-Founder, HealthStream

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