Expert Panel: Patient Financial Communications -
Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Listen as an expert panel discusses how an often overlooked aspect of the revenue cycle now has serious reimbursement ramifications. Our partners from HFMA will share their experiences in the field and best practices to ensure financial conversations between staff and patients are respectful, informative, and collaborative.

Optimization Through Education

Our Revenue Cycle Solution enables staff members to become more efficient and effective throughout the entire revenue cycle process. Take a look at an example of a curriculum tailored specifically to patient access employees:

Our Partners Are Revenue Cycle Experts

Intended as an alternative to outsourcing, we provide healthcare facilities with the ability to educate current staff on how their individual roles impact the organization’s bottom-line. Leveraging courseware from Precyse University and HFMA, healthcare organizations can access industry-specific curriculums covering every aspect of the revenue cycle.

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