nThrive Opens the Door to 100% CCS Certification Levels

November 2, 2021
November 2, 2021

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A large public health system with 7,000+ staff

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A large healthcare system located in Florida was opening a new facility and needed a way to address gaps in training for its coding staff. It was determined that staff was overwhelmingly trained in outpatient coding, with less than half AHIMA CCS certified. This was a potential road block to meeting timelines for the new opening.


The decision was made to leverage the system’s strong HealthStream relationshipand the nThrive Education program. Utilizing monthly calls with the nThrive Concierge Team, an education path was chosen to elevate current coder skill levels.


The pilot program was completed within the first 10-12 weeks, during which time a 16% increase in CCS coder certification was achieved. Employees indicated the CCS mock exam was especially helpful in time management preparation. The pilot provided invaluable insight into achieving the goal of 100% CCS certification. For instance, a prerequisite education requirement was put into place to ensure staff success, and employee feedback was utilized to further strengthen staff support.

16% Increase in coders' CCS certification rate during pilot program

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