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Achieving Efficiency in Student Clinical Placement

April 6, 2023
April 6, 2023

Onboarding is a critically important process and becomes even more important as the nursing shortage continues to worsen. When executed properly, onboarding can be the first step in creating employee engagement and the kinds of dedicated employees that will continue to make contributions to your organization and to patients and families well into the future.

The problem is that student onboarding can be a confusing and chaotic introduction to your organization. There is simply too much information and paperwork to manage and it can leave students feeling overwhelmed and helpless and it can leave healthcare administrators feeling pretty much the same way.


Onboarding – It Really Matters

The healthcare industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of burnout, severe staffing shortages, and an aging workforce. All of these factors have created one of the most competitive workforce environments ever seen in the healthcare industry.

Failing to provide a great onboarding experience can result in lower levels of satisfaction and engagement, lower employee confidence, and a lack of trust in leadership. Ineffective onboarding is a mistake that most industries cannot afford to make, but healthcare may well be the industry that can least afford it.

Ideally, candidates are thrilled to get an offer and ready to begin their clinical placement so it is important to retain them. So, how can healthcare organizations move away from cumbersome, manual processes that can be both overwhelming and error-prone to a more confidence-inspiring, integrated system?


Transforming the Clinical Placement Process – The Benefits

HealthStream’s myClinicalExchange can help you and your organization streamline, manage, and organize the entire student placement process. Here is what myClinicalExchange can do for your organization 

  • Save Time - Using myClinicalExchange can help you reduce your onboarding time
  • Save Money - A reduction in onboarding time can mean significant cost savings for your organization while making the process even more seamless for your new hires. HealthStream customers report an average of 60-75% reduction in onboarding time.
  • Reduce Errors – This solution allows users to view availability as well as potential conflicts before placement requests are approved.
  • Remain Compliant – myClinicalExchange can access each student’s compliance with orientation, checklists, and documentation to reduce risk to your organization.
  • Allow Customization – While the solution has rich features, it also allows users to customize the online orientation and testing modules to meet the unique requirements of their organizations.
  • Provide Robust Reporting – myClinicalExchange can monitor clinical progres and provides accurate and customizable reporting.
  • Provides a Well-Structured Student Experience – Employees will feel more confident that your onboarding process is well thought out and can help them succeed in their placements.

Provides Automation – Because myClinicalExchange offers the ability to manage multiple programs on a single platform, users will appreciate being able to automate key functions. The single platform allows users to standardize and centralize the way in which students are placed in an organization and the process can remain consistent regardless of the size or orientation of the organization.