An All-Encompassing Solution for Adamas Healthcare Consulting

September 14, 2022
September 14, 2022

About the Customer

Adamas Healthcare Consulting is a billing and credentialing consulting organization that specializes in payer enrollment and credentialing, revenue cycle management, and accounts receivable. They chose CredentialMyDoc for its breadth of functionality, customization capabilities, affordability, and ease to implement and manage.

adamas customer storyOverview

Whether a healthcare organization needs a little or a lot of billing or credentialing support, Adamas Healthcare Consulting is there to help. The company is currently working with 250+ clients and scaling to serve more.

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Manual processes:
As demand for the company’s credentialing services grew, a manual process and a heavy reliance on spreadsheets made it impossible to scale.

No single source of truth:
Without a platform that stored provider data and made it easy to retrieve, the credentialing team could not pull data and create reports their customers needed.

Time constraints:
Growth meant the company needed a credentialing tool they could get up and running fast. Most commercial solutions quoted implementation timeframes of 18 months or more, not CredentialMyDoc.

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

Adamas Healthcare Consulting was set on building a custom solution, but when company president, Kelle Humphries reached out to a developer to begin the process, he introduced her to CredentialMyDoc. Humphries was skeptical at first, as she hadn’t come across it in her research, but once she saw it, she was impressed by CredentialMyDoc’s:

Breadth of functionality:
Ability to leverage primary source verification with over 800 sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM and rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of 6,000+ preformatted payer and facility applications.

Customization capabilities:
Ability to leverage primary source verification with over 800 sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM and rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of 6,000+ preformatted payer and facility applications.

Low up-front costs with monthly and annual subscription models.

Ease to implement and manage:
A Cloud-based solution meant there was no hardware to buy, no software to install and no IT hassles.


Humphries led the CredentialMyDoc implementation. She originally expected a lengthy implementation that would take six weeks or more and involve redirecting in-house resources for support. But in the end, she was delighted to get the solution up and running in a matter of days, not weeks.

"We had a lot of data in a lot of places and I was concerned about that. But, CredentialMyDoc provided guidelines on collecting our data into a format that would allow them to upload it on my behalf. Once I organized my data into their template and handed it over, the CredentialMyDoc team took over. No manual data entry was involved on our part. We were able to keep serving our customers and doing business as usual which was a great relief."

Kelle Humphries, President, Adamas Healthcare Consulting


Process Improvements
With stable processes in place and a tool to manage them, rework and redundant work has been eliminated, and new team members can easily come up to speed with the company’s credentialing and payer processes.

Data Availability
When a customer has a question, it’s easy for Humphries and any member of her team to immediately access the data required to answer it.

Robust Reporting
Whether Adamas Healthcare Consulting needs to pull a roster or create a specific report around MPI or taxonomy codes, they can do it and do it quickly.

Going Paperless:
Eliminating manual processes saves paper and money.

Revenue Growth:
According to Humphries, “We’ve always managed a lot of providers and that list continues to grow. With CredentialMyDoc, we have the tools in place to scale and support both new and existing clients.”

"CredentialMyDoc is the staple of our credentialing process. I can’t imagine doing business without it. I needed a practical solution that would serve as a data repository and give me the ability to extract, manipulate and report on that data for an affordable price and CredentialMyDoc checks all those boxes and more."

Kelle Humphries, President, Adamas Healthcare Consulting

Improve_CLooking Ahead

Adamas consulting has grown by word of mouth. But with a solid credentialing process in place, the company is gearing up to serve more clients. A new website is in the works and a podcast series titled: THE Revenue Cycle Academy is in development. Humphries is all about sharing her hard-earned credentialing knowledge with anyone who needs it. “There’s still a lot of confusion around credentialing terms and processes, and we’re here to help with that.” With the right knowledge and the right tools, Adamas Healthcare Consulting is certainly prepared to do so.