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Torrance Memorial Medical Center

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021


Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a locally governed, 401- bed, not-for-profit medical center whose purpose is to provide quality healthcare services, predominantly to the residents of the South Bay, Peninsula and Harbor communities of Los Angeles County. For more than 80 years, Torrance Memorial has served the public interest by:

  • Improving the community health within the scope and expertise of its resources
  • Offering the most current and effective medical technologies rendered in a compassionate, caring manner 
  • Maintaining long-term stability in order to assure its strength and viability for the benefit of the community

The Challenge:

The EchoAccess “guru” at Torrance Memorial left the organization. Suddenly, no one knew how to produce key reports. Catherine Hargrove, Manager Health Education, who has leadership responsibility for the Call Center, comments: “We were manually sending out class rosters, manually generating class payment reports, manually sending our class confirmation e-mail and we simply stopped sending out class reminder e-mails” she said. “We needed help, and we needed it quickly.” Catherine continued: “Our Director of Client Experience at Echo told me about the Concierge Service. This is an Echo professional who partners with EchoCloud clients to design, create and support reports and processes within Echo. I said; Fantastic! That’s just what we need!”


EchoCloud Concierge Joe DeLuca promptly contacted Catherine and worked with her and her team over a couple of months to create automated class rosters, class and event payment reports, service level reports, class confirmations, class confirmation reminder e-mails, Call Center reports for Net Portal Enrollments, and several internal notification reports. Catherine described the process: “Joe, our EchoCloud Concierge, was remarkable. He listened to understand what we needed, and he partnered with us through a shared process of revising and polishing each report. He delivered the reports on time. Even better, he taught us how to set up the appropriate filters and automate the reports ourselves.” An important component of the Concierge Service is to create an intentional bridge for the client with Echo Support. "We now feel like we have friends on the Echo Support Desk," Catherine states. "They understand our goals and priorities and they are an ongoing resource for us. We know they are there for us whenever we need them."

I sleep easier knowing that our call center team is supported by EchoAccess doing some of our work for us, and by our friends at Echo who really care about our success.


Concierge Joe DeLuca comments: “Our goal for the concierge service is to shift from routine client transactions to deliver memorable, transformative client experiences.” “Because of the Concierge Service,” says Catherine, “We are now able to use EchoAccess to its full capability. We automated new processes which make our call center more productive."