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Are you investing in your existing leaders and preparing future ones?

Identifying emerging leaders, cultivating existing leaders, and planning for the future requires a significant investment of time and resources. Leadership Education offers a streamlined, standardized approach to assess and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses before generating individualized recommended development plans. With this program, your organization will experience increased retention, a more skilled and knowledgeable staff, and a clear strategy for future leaders.
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Nurture your leaders

An organization’s leaders are vital in helping cultivate a culture of engaged staff members, achieved and exceeded company goals and improved quality of care. Without focusing on your high performing leaders, your organization may fail to retain its very best people leading to increased turnover and poor patient outcomes.

Nurture Your Leaders with Leadership Pathways

Leverage Leadership Education to:


Develop new and future leaders


Improve retention rates

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Standardize leadership training


Leadership Education by HealthStream

Talent Tracks:

  • Intuitive user interface that allows users to easily find what they want
  • Confidence assessment to identify areas for improvement 
  • More than 140 course titles from industry-leading experts 
  • Courses and curriculum aligned to critical leadership competencies in the healthcare setting 
  • Multiple instructional design methods to meet a variety of learning styles 
  • Pre-defined curriculums on the most relevant leadership topics
  • Flexibility for users to create their own leadership journey 
  • Internal marketing and training support materials to ensure adoption

Frontline Nurse Leader:

  • A precursor to nurse manager education or for Charge Nurses and Team Leaders who want to enhance their knowledge and skill in their current role 
  • 27 lessons, organized into 8 modules 
  • 9.70 CE Credit from AACN 
  • Based on AONE’s Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) competencies

Sigma: HealthCare Leadership Program:

  • Sigma: Business of Healthcare 
  • Sigma: Financial Management 
  • Sigma: Healthcare Leadership Program Post-Assessment 
  • Sigma: Healthcare Leadership Program Pre-Assessment 
  • Sigma: Human Resource Management 
  • Sigma: Knowledge, Innovations, and Performance Improvement 
  • Sigma: Leadership and Management
  • Sigma: Operational Structures and Processes 
  • Sigma: Professional Practice

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As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Seeking ways to engage and retain your top performers?
  • Frustrated and overwhelmed by attempts to easily identify future leaders?
  • In need of a standardized pathway for advancement for emerging and existing leaders?
  • Looking to cut costs of high turnover and training of potential leaders?

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See for yourself how HealthStream Leadership Education helps you plan for the future by investing in your high performing staff.