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Why mental wellness?

The healthcare workforce faces significantly different and higher levels of psychological distress, post-traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and depression compared to other professions. Without the right healthcare mental health support tools, your environment increases occupational impact for your staff, leading to medical errors, turnover, burnout, absenteeism, and more.

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Equip your staff with mental health support & resilience training to:

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Promote self-care and mindfulness


Reduce staff burnout


Improve retention rates

Is your team's mental health flourishing?

A conversation with HealthStream and CredibleMind

Everyone's mental health journey is unique. 

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Searching for cost-effective ways to reduce staff turnover?
  • Concerned about your staff’s compassion fatigue?
  • Looking for ways to improve care quality?
  • Struggling to create actionable steps to support your team’s wellbeing?

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