Baptist Health Kentucky

Improved Patient Access Staff Engagement


As a nine-facility health system in Kentucky and Indiana, Baptist Health is a leading healthcare provider in its service area, ranking number one in high-volume care events.

The facility had set goals to address employee satisfaction and turnover, particularly amongst patient access employees, who were prone to quickly transition from these roles to other positions. One way of addressing these goals was through better training, which would also have the benefit of bolstering succession planning, remediation training, and maintaining clean claims with minimal denials.


Teaming up with HealthStream and nThrive Education, Baptist Health created Patient Access University, a comprehensive training program to focus on effective patient financial responsibility conversations, understanding insurance and coverage and demographic data collection, and reducing denials. The three-tiered career ladder program would include certification exams, with a focus on career progression and advancement.


In the first year and a half of this program, over half of those eligible participated, and more than 25% completed Level I. The program is voluntary, which allows employees to self-select for enhanced engagement, future leadership, and overall dedication and ambition within their roles.

Additionally, the opportunity for remedial training has ensured better performance across the board, ultimately resulting in a top-tier denial impact of only .62% and additional revenue capture of $17 million.

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