What is CQI in healthcare?

CQI is a well-defined quality management process that focuses on community needs and improving population health. It encourages healthcare workers to constantly think about ways to better systems.

The effort includes strategies and techniques that improve healthcare systems' quality of care and safety. The CQI process may include defining a problem, setting goals, benchmarking, and implementing interactive quality improvement projects until outcomes are achieved.

CQI goals can vary, but some common ones include cost reduction, improved appointment wait times, higher patient volume, increased safety and increased patient and/or staff satisfaction.

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Improve care quality

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Enhance efficiency

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Reduce financial risks

CQI support you can trust

Quality Management

Improvement simplified with HealthStream’s Quality Manager, a well-rounded quality management solution (QMS) designed to pinpoint areas for improvement, saving you time and money.

Safety and Compliance Education

Provide meaningful safety and compliance training to support your CQI initiatives and regulatory requirements with HealthStream’s SafetyQ and ComplyQ.

Policy Management

Organize your CQI changes to policies and procedures with HealthStream’s Policy Manager, an automated, centralized system designed specifically for healthcare.

Building an equitable, sustainable system

The future of CQI in healthcare

If anything is constant in healthcare, it’s change. Systems are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of a fast-paced, tech-obsessed landscape. The future of CQI involves a more patient-centric and digitalized approach, where experiences are more data-informed and convenient for patients and residents.
Here are three key trends that are predicted to shape the future of CQI in healthcare:



Building an equitable, sustainable system

In the midst of significant changes across healthcare, transitioning towards a future focused on digital quality is crucial. Now, more than ever, the insights gained from quality measurement are invaluable, showing us our current position and guiding us toward our goals. Encouragingly, the pursuit of equity, value, and quality go hand-in-hand. HealthStream’s culture and health equity training solutions match healthcare employee engagement trends with industry-backed education. Embrace change and improve your team’s ability to promote digital quality.


Streamlining performance improvement projects

CQI success requires a commitment to plan. In the bustling world of acute care, Performance Improvement Projects (PIP)s are essential for hospitals looking to deliver high quality care, maintain regulatory compliance, enhance patient safety, optimize reimbursements, foster a culture of sustainability, and uphold a reputation within the healthcare community.  HealthStream’s Quality Manager can help you build a culture of quality and sustainability while supporting your CQI initiatives.


Developing leadership for a stronger tomorrow

With a more digitized approach as the future of CQI in healthcare, the importance of strong leadership in the evolving healthcare business landscape is clear. Yet, the optimal path to create strong leaders is not always as clear. While not all of the attention on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been positive, the emergence of AI in leadership development is creating new opportunities to help develop critical leadership skills. HealthStream offers expert-backed AI-powered tools to develop your new, existing, and rising leaders.

How does a clinical decision support system (CDSS) work?


The ever-changing landscape of quality and compliance issues can be difficult to navigate, but HealthStream provides quality and compliance solutions that help your facility meet regulatory requirements, improve outcomes, address diversity and inclusion issues, and ensure privacy and security of all patients.


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