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Improve care quality

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Reduce deficiencies

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Elevate reputation and star rating

Is your organization prioritizing quality improvement?

Caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society is an important responsibility. Quality Manager (formerly known as abaqis®) provides easy-to-use tools to pinpoint and remediate regulatory compliance issues, and includes Action Indicators that automatically identify quality and compliance areas with opportunities for improvement. Without a system in place to identify and correct compliance/quality issues, a facility could face litigation, a damaged reputation and exorbitant penalties.
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You deserve a complete quality management solution.

We understand that while the amount of resources you have remains the same, the number of regulatory requirements you are asked to meet continues to increase and change. Quality Manager provides easy-to-use tools to pinpoint regulatory compliance issues, to upgrade your facility’s overall quality of care and to increase census. Bring your team together, divide up to tackle the issues, track and trend the issues, and then, improve as a community.

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Leverage HealthStream Quality Manager to:

Remediate Gaps with Personalized Learning Paths_LB

Identify areas of concern

Optimize success of the transition_G

Remediate compliance and quality problems prior to survey

Delivery of Care_C

Improve survey results and quality of care


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Quality Assessment & Continuous Improvement (QAPI) Tools

  • Resident-Level Assessments
  • Compliance Investigations
  • QAPI Plan
  • Facility Assessment
  • MDS Risk Indicators
  • Performance Improvement Projects


Tracking & Analytics

  • Validated Thresholds that Indicate Problematic Areas of Care
  • Enterprise-Level Monitoring & Reporting
  • Consistent Process & Transparency at the Corporate Level
  • Risk-Adjusted Readmission Rate Reporting

Mock Surveys

  • 96% certainty of which residents your state surveyors will be speaking to, and guided questions to uncover exactly what surveyors will ask these residents
  • Easy-to-use prep, tailored to you

As a leader in healthcare quality, are you:

  • Focused on meeting regulatory requirements?
  • Ready to prioritize quality through exceptional care with inadequate resources?
  • Looking for more ways to cut costs, increase revenue and save time?
  • Seeking ways to elevate your reputation and market your facility?

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Learn how Quality Manager can help you identify areas of concern before the survey process, enhance quality of care, and boost your public reputation.