Deficiency-free surveys achieved with HealthStream Quality Manager, formerly known as abaqis®

March 15, 2023
March 15, 2023

About the Customer

Presbyterian Senior Living is a non-profit retirement and senior living organization with 30 locations serving more than 6,000 seniors. 


Address Future Challenges_PChallenge

To achieve improved survey results and an improved QAPI process at its health centers,
Presbyterian Senior Living wanted to be able to:

  • Mimic the annual survey process
  • Prepare for onsite assessments
  • Complete facility investigations
  • Gain a better understanding of resident, family, and staff concerns to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase quality star ratings



Facilitators wanted the opportunity to mimic the process and resources, as utilized by surveyors, during an annual survey. They implemented HealthStream Quality Manager for their health center survey preparedness, completing 3 HealthStream Quality Manager cycles per year, routinely conducting the QAPI Assessments and Resident/Facility Investigations, with plans to utilize the HealthStream Quality Manager Mock Survey workflow in the near future.


The process has been very useful for addressing concerns prior to the actual survey. Once the process was fully implemented, they’ve achieved a high commitment to completion of Resident Sample Assessments and Investigations. The facilities have met completion goals for QAPI Assessments and Facility Assessments and QAPI plans have been updated continuously. The Resident Sample Assessments have revealed Nutrition and Wounds were consistently high triggers, something that may not have been uncovered otherwise. It has led to a Wound-Dietary Protocol to address concerns.

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3 facilities achieved deficiency-free surveys in first year.

"Our experience with HealthStream Quality Manager has been great. Our success manager was very helpful as we began to use the system and continues to be readily available for training needs and questions. She also has been wonderful about reviewing our data and meeting on a regular basis to give us her interpretation of the data and give suggestions for using the system better to make greater gains.”

Deb Kennedy, Corporate Clinical Reimbursement Manager