Enhance Maternal Child Nursing Care

Provide your staff with the training and resources needed to move the needle on safe, quality care for mothers and babies.

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We understand that managing clinical risks is one of healthcare’s biggest challenges. Adverse events and unmitigated risks can negatively impact every aspect of care, from patient outcomes to the confidence of clinical staff. HealthStream’s maternal care training programs focus on this particularly difficult aspect of healthcare by providing your staff with the training and resources they need to move the needle on safe, quality care.

  • 74%
    of OB claims are related to a lack of clinical judgment
  • 34%
    of all maternal treatment decisions are the result of human error
  • 700+
    maternity-related deaths per year

Save more lives

Inspire confidence of maternal and neonatal staff

Cut costs and reduce OB claims

Equip Your Staff with the Trusted Choice for Maternal Care Training Solutions

Quality OB

Despite medical advances in our highly developed country, measured maternal mortality rates in the US are still rising and costing organizations millions. HealthStream’s Quality OB program proves that with a focused, data-driven instructional program, better results can be achieved. In fact, clients using Quality OB experienced a 22% decrease in negative events from the national average. This includes many clients who have experienced zero harm events over a multiyear period after switching to Quality OB.

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Jones & Bartlett – 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

This essential course, created specifically to support the implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, educates your staff to reach “Baby-Friendly” status.

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Lactation Education Resources

These lactation management training courses help build and develop lactation and breastfeeding skills necessary for breastfeeding nursing care plans, which contribute to the health of new mothers and their babies.

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Children’s Hospital Association Pediatric Learning Solutions

Essentials of Pediatric Critical Care Orientation (EPCCO) & Essentials of Neonatal Critical Care Orientation (ENCCO)
EPCCO & ENCCO’s didactic content bridges the knowledge gaps between what clinicians learned in school and real-world expectations when treating critically ill children.

Essentials of Pediatric Acute Care Orientation (EPACO)
Enhance clinician confidence and competence in caring for pediatric patients in the acute care setting with this program developed in collaboration with Pediatric Learning Solutions' PACO Advisory Committee and subject matter experts. These CE-approved online modules ensure all orientees receive evidence-based, standardized education with content that is continually reviewed and updated.

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Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)

Perinatal Orientation and Education Program (POEP)
This quality, evidence-based learning resource provides the tools and essentials to orient your perinatal nursing staff and offer the necessary continuing education to ensure that consistent, high-quality care is delivered to women and newborns at your facility.

Maternal Fetal Triage Index (MFTI)
Introducing AWHONN’s five-level acuity classification index, this interactive learning module educates nurses on obstetrics triage basics, teaching how to prioritize a woman’s urgency for evaluation by a healthcare provider.

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