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Becoming an Employer of Choice: The No-Cost Strategy for Nurse Retention

April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024

A Conversation with HealthStream and Chamberlain University

With razor-thin margins and consistently asked to do more with less, the 2024 picture of staff retention continues to be a complex challenges for nurse leaders. As organizations struggle to fill positions, remaining employees are the ones left to carry the weight. With burnout on the rise as a symptom of retention, it’s more pivotal than ever for organizations to find ways to mitigate these challenges.

This video features industry leaders from HealthStream’s expert partner Chamberlain University. Dr. Lois Lopez is Chamberlain’s DEI Council Chair, and Dr. Sally Carlisle is the Director of Nurse Faculty Fellowship for Chamberlain’s Office of Social Mission and Academic Excellence.

In this special 10-minute conversation, we discuss how inclusive culture directly impacts nurse retention, as well as best practices to positively impact retention without drastically affecting budgets.




Dr. Sally Carlisle

Dr. Sally Carlisle serves as the Director of the Nurse Faculty Fellowship Program at Chamberlain University. As the founding Director of the Nurse Faculty Fellowship Dr. Carlisle collaborated with national nursing experts in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in healthcare to create a curriculum that prepares nursing faculty to address these complex challenges within our educational and healthcare systems.

Dr. Carlisle's scholarship focuses on novice faculty development, implicit bias, and creating inclusive learning environments. She has presented her faculty development programming at national conferences sponsored by AACN, NLN, and the AONL.

Dr. Lois M. Lopez, DNP, MSN, RN

Dr. Lois Lopez is a faculty development specialist for Chamberlain University. Her professional experience includes curriculum development where she designed innovative and engaging learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate nursing programs threading social determinants of health, diversity, health equity, and inclusion throughout nursing curricula. Her continuing education course, “Addressing Implicit Bias: A Primer for Healthcare Providers,” has impacted thousands of nurses all over the United States. She has received the Daisy Faculty Award twice in her teaching career and was awarded as one of the Great 100 Nurses of Northeast Florida in 2019. Dr. Lopez has presented locally, nationally, and internationally on a variety of nursing-related topics including incivility in the nursing profession, nursing’s role in the human trafficking crisis, and implicit bias. Dr. Lopez is the co-chair of the Adtalem’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Counsel which aims to improve social justice and equity for all faculty, staff, and students. Her community involvement includes being an active member and subject matter expert for Nurses International which is a nonprofit organization focused entirely on eliminating barriers and helping nurses in over 150 underserved and underrepresented countries.


Conversation hosted by Caroline Acree – Director, Product Marketing, Quality & Compliance – HealthStream 

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