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Discover Modernized Learning with HealthStream Learning Center – A Healthcare-Specific Learning Management System

December 12, 2023
December 12, 2023

This blog is taken from a recent HealthStream webinar entitled “Discover Modernized Learning with HealthStream Learning Center.” The webinar was moderated by HealthStream’s Daniel Pawlus, and featured presenter Emily Dee, HealthStream’s Learning and Performance Solution Executive.

The webinar explored how the HealthStream Learning Center is transforming the ways in which healthcare organizations approach learning and development with engaging content and integrated tools. Specifically, the webinar explored the advantages of a Learning Management System (LMS) that is dedicated exclusively to healthcare.


Transforming the Learning Management System

Dee began by sharing some observations about the evolution of learning management systems over the last 30 years. While LMSs are currently fairly ubiquitous across many industries, they are a relatively recent innovation.

In healthcare and many other industries, learning was delivered via instructor-led, classroom-based sessions and participation and evaluation was managed with paper and binders. The process could be described as uneven at best in terms of results and ease of management. Thirty years ago, HealthStream’s CEO had the idea to improve both the efficiency and the efficacy of the process by moving to a digital platform and improving the availability of content, the ability to deliver that content and to measure its effectiveness.


Transforming the Experience for Digital Natives

Delivering educational content digitally makes sense. It is efficient, effective and can be easily updated to reflect changing industry practices and regulations. Dee confirmed that it makes even more sense when one considers that nurses graduating from nursing programs now are digital natives. They likely do not remember a time when there was no Internet and likely already have experience tracking and completing assignments and testing online. They are well accustomed to the changing nature of how digital content is delivered. “The HealthStream Learning Management System has constant updates, not just in content, but in the functionality of using the platform as a whole,” said Dee.


Why Use a Healthcare Specific LMS?

Using a LMS that is purpose-built for healthcare has many advantages, and Dee highlighted just a few. She began by pointing out that when employees are able to log into a portal that has all of their information, including to-do lists, mandatory training, clinical checklists, compliance requirements, etc. It speaks to how that organization is providing for employees and helps give them confidence in the security of their chosen career – a significant benefit in an age of decreasing retention and worsening staffing shortages in the healthcare industry.

Leaders will also appreciate the efficiency of the reporting and analytics and the ability to see real-time data. The reporting can provide insights into completions and performance, and it can also provide data that will help quantify the cost of deploying the training.

She also pointed out that HealthStream’s LMS gave users access to an entire ecosystem of healthcare-specific applications and content, allowing users to reduce their vendor footprint and manage multiple processes more efficiently. Simultaneously, users are able to reduce the employee effort, improving continuity and creating cost savings. In addition, integration with other systems is easy with HealthStream’s LMS. HealthStream has a very efficient system for connecting to existing Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

She also shared the importance of this approach to mobile natives. HealthStream has a mobile-friendly approach making it more attractive and engaging for staff while giving them the opportunity to meet their learning goals anywhere at any time.


Understanding Processes, People and Requirements – Driving Innovation

Innovation drives the development of HealthStream’s Learning Center. LMSs typically cannot deliver information on license verifications and expiry dates for example, but HealthStream’s does. This is the kind of feature that can only be found in an LMS that is specific to healthcare. Dee shared that the license verification service is integrated into various parts of the LMS giving employees and leaders direct access to real-time information on licensing.

Developers from our customers and partners have built automation based on learning application programming interface API) which enables greater flexibility to leverage the strengths of HealthStream’s technology to further optimize workflows and processes.

This learning solution is tailored to the needs of people – people delivering healthcare. HealthStream’s team builds the LMS to the specific needs of your organization. They have brought together an impressive roster of partners to provide an expansive list of content across, specialties, settings and the continuum of care. HealthStream’s partner network covers everything that your organization needs to meet annual training requirements. The courses are regularly updated by subject matter experts to ensure that they remain relevant and up-to-date.