Empowering Black Professionals in the Healthcare Workforce

February 23, 2024
February 23, 2024

A conversation with HealthStream and Chartis Center for Health Equity & Belonging

To foster a culture of diversity, we must celebrate the achievements and history of Black individuals as an integral part of our society. Understanding, appreciating, and empowering Black professionals in the workplace fosters inclusivity, promotes cultural awareness and social justice, and nurtures a sense of pride and identify for team members.

This video is presented by HealthStream's Health Equity & Belonging and the 2024 Champion's Guide, featuring HealthStream's Vice President of Human Resources Kendra Deas and Krista Stepney, Principal Partner for The Chartis Group and COO for the Chartis Center for Health Equity and Belonging.

In this special 20-minute conversation, we address some of the changes necessary for a more diverse future of healthcare, how to challenge existing initiatives, and best practices for advocacy and empowerment of Black professionals in the workplace.



Krista D. Stepney, MHA – Principal and COO – Chartis Center for Heath Equity & Belonging
With nearly two decades of experience, she excels as a Principal Partner at The Chartis Group, where she serves as the COO for the Chartis Center for Health Equity and Belonging. She is a trusted advisor, empowerment advocate, and keynote speaker for health equity, DEI, and business leadership, offering a pragmatic perspective and thought leadership to executive and boardroom deliberations.
Learn more about The Chartis Group at www.chartis.com

Kendra Deas – Vice President, Human Resources - HealthStream
Kendra Deas is an experienced human resources leader with 15+ years of experience leading HR teams. Kendra currently serves as the Vice President of Human Resources for HealthStream. In addition to this broad experience, Kendra has a strong commitment to community service and giving back to others. She continues to guide the community by serving on the boards of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the YWCA and The Store, a local nonprofit which operates a free grocery store. 

Conversation hosted by Caroline Acree – Director, Product Marketing, Quality & Compliance – HealthStream

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