Celebrating MSP Week

HealthStream Celebrates National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week

November 1, 2023
November 1, 2023

In celebration of National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week, we sat down with a handful of MSPs from team HealthStream to discuss the profession, its importance, its future and more! Read on to learn everything we love about MSPs!

Happy #MSPWeek! Meet our MSPs

Tawna Knight  Tawna Knight, CPCS, Director, Credentials Verification Organization

Jackie Jones  Jackie Jones, CPMSM, Senior Consultant

Tom Heitz  Thomas Heitz, CPCS, Clinical Solutions Consultant

Brandi Zevenbergen  Brandi Zevenbergen, CPCS and CPMSM, Senior Director, Product Management

Katy Young  Katy Young, MBA, CPCS, Senior Manager, Customer Support

Hear What They Have to Say

What does being a certified MSP mean to you?

[Katy] Certification reflects the unwavering commitment of the holder. Whether earned voluntarily or mandated by their role, the rigorous examination demands weeks of diligent study and preparation. While a certified MSP may not possess every answer, their determination and resilience empower them to seek and find solutions.

MSPs are the gatekeepers of patient safety, what does that mean to you as a certified MSP?

[Brandi] Certified or not, being an MSP holds immense weight as we carry profound responsibility and dedication to the patients we serve. Credentialing and Privileging act as the driving force behind ensuring that healthcare practitioners deliver competent and qualified care within the healthcare delivery system. While everyone in the healthcare system shares the responsibility for patient safety, it genuinely commences with the onboarding, credentialing, and privileging processes.

Why has it remained important to you to maintain your MSP certification while working at HealthStream?

[Thomas] Maintaining my MSP certification is a testament to my unwavering commitment to upholding excellence in the oversight of the credentialing and privileging process. My Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS®) certification serves as a potent symbol, not only conveying my dedication to clients but also showcasing my profound understanding of these intricate processes. This becomes especially valuable in the context of our industry-specific webinars and publications, including my contribution to the 2023 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing earlier this year.

What are your aspirations and hopes for the future of the MSP profession, and how can we work together to make those aspirations a reality?

[Jackie] I’d like to see a distinct Human Resources designation, acknowledging the multifaceted responsibilities we undertake within our organizations. The National Association Medical Staff Services has been diligently working towards this goal for years.

Additionally, I envision the establishment of a separate national certification specifically for privileges. As the development and maintenance of privileges grow in complexity, and with the expanding roles of advanced practice providers, a dedicated certification would be more crucial than ever. Let's work together to bring these aspirations to reality and further elevate the MSP profession.

Is there a message or expression of gratitude that you would like to share with your fellow MSPs and the broader healthcare community during MSP Week?

[Tawna] Thank you for your dedication and the tireless work you do. What we do is oftentimes underappreciated, know that you make a difference every day and to all the patients out there, you are their hero, whether they know it or not.

Again, Happy National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week. We are grateful for each and every one of you!