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April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

By Brittney Wilson, RN, User Engagement Manager, HealthStream

The world is looking different in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that quick and easy access to accurate information is so important. Since long before the current situation made this undeniable, HealthStream has been working to ensure our customers receive the information they need quickly and easily. We have been collaborating directly with our customers to understand what information they need to do their job well. We heard their feedback and desires loud and clear.

Do you want quick and easy access to HealthStream product training, videos, and tools to do your job well? We’ve answered your call with the new HealthStream Community.

Easy Access to HealthStream Technical and Support Documentation

Easy Access to HealthStream Technical and Support Documentation

HealthStream Community has made it easier than ever to access product documentation on demand. For example, if you want the latest administrator guide for the new Jane product, simply navigate to the Jane page. You’ll find up-to-date guides, documentation, technical information, and product education to get the most out of your HealthStream purchase.

In addition to easily finding information via intuitive navigation, the powerful Community search engine puts all available support material, discussions, questions and answers at your fingertips.

The HealthStream Network Effect

One of the many benefits of being a HealthStream customer is the ability to leverage our robust network. The HealthStream Community gives you direct access to other users of the same products and services.

The Community is private and exclusive to HealthStream clients and is only accessible to those administering and supporting HealthStream products. Importantly, it allows you to ask your questions in a safe environment with users just like you.

What Questions Can I Ask?

You have many options! The HealthStream Community is available for you to ask questions about HealthStream products, healthcare industry trends and issues, and other topics that impact the important work you do.


  • How are other HealthStream administrators adapting their onboarding programs to accommodate social distancing?
  • How are others adapting the live training components of their Nurse Residency programs?
  • What is the best way to leverage Checklist for employee onboarding?
Product Enhancements and Feedback

Product Enhancements and Feedback

Two of HealthStream’s core values are “Delighting Customers” and “Driving Innovation.” As a result, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve your experience. You can suggest product enhancements and ideas in our new Ideas portal.

Once your idea is submitted, we work behind the scenes to review, prioritize, and implement as many requests as we can while keeping you updated on their status.

Evolving HealthStream Customer Support

Evolving HealthStream Customer Support

We know that your desire to access information is paramount. We’ve worked to evolve the HealthStream Customer Service model to give you on-demand access to the resources you need, as well as the ability to ask peers and HealthStream product experts your questions.

We’re Always Here for You

The HealthStream Customer Service team is still here for you. However, we know that you want additional resources to solve your problems, including quick access to information and the ability to connect with others for recommended practices and advice.

We’ve answered your call and will continue to evolve our support as we grow together and focus on our mission to improve the quality of healthcare by developing the people that deliver care.

Ready to Join the New HealthStream Community? 

Ready to Join the New HealthStream Community

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