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HealthStream now offers CredentialStream®, the leading credentialing software

June 1, 2023
June 1, 2023

For over 30 years, HealthStream has worked with thousands of healthcare organizations to empower them to deliver the highest quality of care. However, healthcare doesn’t stand still, and neither do we – meaning we are always seeking new ways to support our customers.

We know that Medical Service Professionals are the gatekeepers of patient safety. And we’ve observed that their workload is increasing as they are pulled left and right to meet new data demands and increasing regulations while delivering improved provider satisfaction. That’s why we are excited to announce that our area of expertise has expanded beyond scheduling and learning to include medical credentialing.


HealthStream® now offers CredentialStream®, the industry’s fastest-growing credentialing solution in the history of the healthcare industry.

CredentialStream includes everything you need to request, gather, and validate information about a provider to create a single Source of Truth to serve downstream processes. Trusted by thousands of healthcare organizations like Sentara Healthcare, Sanford Health, and UNC Health, the solution provides standardized and centralized provider credentialing, privileging, and enrollment that is smarter and faster than ever before.  

CredentialStream also offers unparalleled flexibility. Customers can create tailored experiences suited to their organization’s specific needs—with any combination of modules:

Privilege: Standardize the delineation, request, recommendation, granting, monitoring, and evaluation of clinical privileges.

Enroll: Delight your providers and watch your revenue soar by shaving weeks off enrollment timeframes.

Evaluate: Measure, monitor, and share provider performance data to comply with regulatory requirements and improve patient care.

Network: Directly address payer needs with a focus on provider data management and onboarding.


With CredentialStream added to the HealthStream suite of solutions, you can:

  • Ensure you have confident, competent, and qualified providers to deliver next-level care to your patients.
  • Keep up with evolving medical credentialing requirements by eliminating manual processes
  • Standardize and centralize your medical credentialing, privileging and enrollment processes
  • Utilize one master service agreement (MSA) for all your HealthStream learning, credentialing, and scheduling needs to streamline your contracting process
  • Benefit from powerful integrations across HealthStream Credentialing, HealthStream Learning, and HealthStream Scheduling


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CredentialStream users include:

  • Medical Staff Administration
  • Clinical Leadership
  • IT Leadership
  • And anyone concerned with patient safety!


Let’s continue our work together to deliver better healthcare. Request a demo today!