Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Achieves Seamless Integration and Streamlined Processes with ShiftWizard

January 9, 2024
January 9, 2024

When Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa discovered their Human Capital Management (HCM) vendor was phasing out their product, it prompted a thorough reassessment of all workforce applications and organizational needs. They aimed to find a solution that not only streamlined processes but also established a single source of truth. This strategic approach, aimed to enhance the quality of life for both leadership and staff, led them to ShiftWizard.

Taken from HealthStream’s recent webinar, "Transforming Healthcare Scheduling with ShiftWizard and Workday," this insightful conversation between HealthStream’s Solutions Consultant Manager, Terri Epler; HealthStream’s Senior Director of Sales, Zach Shew; CrossVue’s Healthcare Advisor, Laith Kosa; and Mercy Medical Center’s Senior Business Systems Analyst, Josh Enloe, showcases everything that went into the decision-making process.

By leveraging Mercy Medical Center’s existing systems, the ShiftWizard implementation team, in collaboration with CrossVue and Workday, formulated a comprehensive deployment plan. This plan aimed to establish a unified HCM suite for Mercy Medical Center, with a strategic focus on minimizing operational downtime, optimizing current resources, and enhancing the overall quality of life for both staff and patients.

The collaboration between ShiftWizard and CrossVue resulted in a unified scheduling framework that drives several operational improvements, including:

  • Payroll accuracy
  • Labor optimization
  • Modeling based on cost and financial data
  • Mobile capabilities

Kosa emphasized that the proven integration framework not only reduced maintenance efforts but also facilitated easier replication of processes. Furthermore, the real-time data exchange allowed leaders to seamlessly integrate employee data, information from cost centers, hours worked, and time-off requests.

When Enloe and his team began their search, they sought a solution that would address all their organizational needs, spanning staffing, scheduling, and operations optimization of resources. ShiftWizard’s unified solution with CrossVue aligned seamlessly with these requirements.

The features and functionality of these solutions ultimately influenced the decision to implement ShiftWizard alongside Workday. ShiftWizard aggregates census information from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, empowering leaders and managers with the ability to build dynamic schedules based on patient demand and staff information, inducing licensures, certifications, and seniority. The user-friendly interface and seamless information sharing enable real-time, data-informed decision-making based on current metrics and historical data.

Kosa continually pointed to the seamless bi-directional integration between ShiftWizard and Workday, highlighting Workday's role as a single source of truth for demographic information and a rules engine to help ensure payroll accuracy. This enabled their teams to spend less time on cumbersome processes and schedule management and more time on their top priority — delivering high-quality patient care.

In their pursuit of a new HCM solution, Enloe and his team were determined to find a solution that not only harnessed the capabilities of their existing applications but also significantly enhanced the overall well-being of leadership, staff, and patients.

“There's a big gap today in what organizations could be doing in terms of current capabilities,” stated Enloe. “Right now, with Workday and with ShiftWizard's proven solution, there is a brighter future.”

With the ever-growing healthcare staffing crisis, now is the time to make sure your scheduling solution is working to support your entire organization, from decision-makers to those on the front line.

ShiftWizard, designed for seamless integration with your current systems, enhances communication, improves visibility, and increases staff productivity. To learn more, click here.