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Rapid Onboarding and Retention for New Hires

September 1, 2022
September 1, 2022

Retention, recruitment, and strong onboarding programs have been on the radar screens of healthcare leaders for decades. The pandemic and the “great resignation” have done little to ease concerns around these issues and healthcare leaders are having to re-think onboarding, recruitment, and retention strategies. They are also evaluating ways in which to refine tactics to ensure that they have processes that will engage their new hires while fully evaluating competency and identifying opportunities to build competence.

In addition, they need tactics for doing this rapidly in order to keep pace with the growing need for nurses and the ever-changing landscape of clinical best practices. How good is your organization at this important first impression? Are you using tools that can help your organization to rapidly assimilate new nurses into your organization? Is your process as efficient and effective as it could be?

Onboarding Matters

What happens during onboarding matters. It can impact patient care, exposure to risk and nurse retention. It can help your newly hired nurses to feel comfortable in their new roles and with their new employer, or it can negatively impact their impressions of your organization. Typically, onboarding brings to mind a cumbersome, paperwork-intensive experience that new hires are not likely to be looking forward to and may not be recalled so fondly by existing staff. Technology can change that impression, but more importantly, it can help you improve patient outcomes and nurse retention.

Personalizing Your Organization’s Onboarding Experience

Typically, the onboarding experience has been the same for everyone, but now technology can help customize the experience for literally every nurse coming in to your organization. Nurses will show up for their first day of work with various levels of experience and competence.  If your organization is still pushing out blocks of training to your clinicians without regard to their current skill set, it is time to re-think that tactic and evaluate the tools that your organization is currently using for onboarding.

Onboarding with Jane® measures a clinician’s ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge and judgment through the use of valid and reliable assessments. The assessments are designed to assist healthcare organizations to ensure that clinicians meet or exceed expectations for competent performance.

Onboarding with Jane accomplishes this through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a personalized education plan for each user. Onboarding with Jane first assesses competency across a variety of clinical judgement domains and then develops an education plan that is unique to each nurse, making it more likely that nurses will stay engaged with learning because it is specifically designed to meet their needs.

Rapid Onboarding – Organizational Benefits

Investing in individualized education provides a higher rate of return on your onboarding investment. Leaders need to feel confident that clinicians can consistently and safely apply clinical judgement and knowledge. Onboarding with Jane will build the right learning plan for each nurse so that leaders can be sure that every minute of seat time will really matter.

  • Onboarding with Jane will help identify those areas of risk in minutes not months – and begin the process of helping to mitigate that risk with a customized education plan.
  • The use of AI makes the onboarding process faster and more efficient, which also means that it helps reduce onboarding time for the student and the organization. It can also reduce onboarding costs.
  • Onboarding with Jane can help new hires build confidence and competence.
  • Building a great onboarding program means that you are also improving retention.
  • Onboarding with Jane focuses on clinical skills and critical thinking to reduce risk.
  • And, most importantly, Onboarding with Jane can improve the quality of care.

Onboarding with Jane can be an important part of your organization’s strategy to build a culture of lifelong learning.