Reward and Recognize Physicians: Healthcare Employee Engagement

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Doctors, just like all of your staff, deserve and want to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the organization. The Leadership Group recommends developing multiple ways to recognize physicians. The following are some suggestions:

  • Handwritten thank you notes
  • Family events
  • Doctor’s Day luncheons with gifts
  • Leadership Retreats (that may include their families)
  • Seek their input to facilitate change or process improvement effort
  • New physician orientation
  •  Physician “mingling” (to welcome and introduce new physicians)
  • Newspaper articles
  • SSTARR awards
  • Press releases
  • Letters to physicians who are mentioned on surveys
  • Leadership development strategy
  • Leaders’ pictures in hallways
  • Christmas luncheons for physicians and their staff
  • Gift certificates to physician leaders (as a Christmas gift)
  • Birthday cards from administration
  • Cookie baskets to department chairs for their hard work
  • Doctors’ Notes newsletter publication
  • Website recognition

In Conclusion--Why Focus on Rewards and Recognition

Reward and recognition is but one part of the larger framework of employee satisfaction, but it is a vital factor in the process. Motivation, personal enrichment and self-esteem, commitment and loyalty are all by-products of employee recognition. Plus, it becomes a powerful recruiting tool for those who see satisfied employees practicing ownership and being celebrated for their efforts.

Effective recognition programs require planning and careful thought on the part of leaders who are responsible for nurturing the process. HealthStream recommends that you construct a variety of formal and informal initiatives for leaders to implement, in addition to their own personalized department-specific programs.

Through celebrating your employees, you will find that your organization enjoys a happier, more joyful work environment. Demonstrating the value placed on staff can result in lower turnover rates, improved productivity, higher patient satisfaction, and other superior performance measurements.  

Reward and Recognition Training

We teach key skills, approaches, techniques, and best practices to help leaders effectively reward and recognize high performers. Elements of this training include how to harvest reward and recognition opportunities, thank you notes as a key engagement tool, formal recognition programs that support a patient focused culture, and informal methods that create a custom, individualized approach to thanking team members in your employee family.

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