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CredentialMyDocᵀᴹ: An Interview with the Experts

September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

Streamlining Payer Enrollment Processes

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key, especially in the healthcare industry. CredentialMyDoc by HealthStream® has emerged as a game-changing solution for medical groups seeking to simplify their credentialing and provider enrollment processes. We recently sat down with Ashlyn Tyson, Associate Product Manager at HealthStream, to learn more about the latest enhancements to this innovative web-based platform. In our chat, Ashlyn shares how CredentialMyDoc is continuing to revolutionize the way medical groups manage credentialing and provider enrollment.


Q: For those who may not be familiar with CredentialMyDoc, could you provide us with an overview of the solution and how it works?

A: Absolutely. CredentialMyDoc is a web-based solution designed to help medical groups streamline their credentialing and provider enrollment processes. It offers a database that holds and tracks all provider data and delivers a range of features, including auto-populated forms, custom reporting, and best practice workflows, all of which are aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor.


Q: Who is the ideal customer for CredentialMyDoc?

A: This solution is tailored for a variety of customers within the healthcare industry, but it’s particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized medical and dental groups with 250 providers or less.


Q: Could you highlight some of the key functions of CredentialMyDoc and the problems it solves?

A: CredentialMyDoc enables groups to transition to a paperless environment by storing the critical data required for credentialing and provider enrollment. This includes provider data, location data, Tax ID information, and more. Not only can the data be stored, but the platform also offers tools to track enrollment processes, monitor expiration dates, and pre-fill forms for payer enrollments. Additionally, our platform assists in onboarding providers smoothly within the group. In essence, we're solving the challenges of manual paperwork, time-consuming processes, and disorganized data.


Q: Could you share more about the new features of CredentialMyDoc and how they enhance the user experience?

A: With our updated version, we've significantly improved the platform. We've revamped the back-end database structure and site architecture, allowing us to introduce better and faster features. The major change users will notice is essentially a cleaner, more intuitive design. The core functionality remains consistent, but several new features have been added. Among those are the ability to create custom views by user and the ability to set form favorites. This new feature is helpful because CredentialMyDoc offers over 9,000 forms, so shortcuts will eliminate the need to scroll. We’ve also improved our onboarding model with a new intake feature.


Q: What inspired the need for these changes?

A: It's all about keeping up with the times and ensuring our users have the best tools at their disposal. Our original structure was beginning to limit the functionality and logic within the platform. We had to make changes to make the system more flexible and faster and provide ourselves the opportunity to continually innovate.


Q: What do users gain with their transition to the new platform?

A: Users who make the transition gain access to a stable and more secure platform with a host of brand-new features. And our commitment to continuous improvement means that even more enhancements are in the pipeline, ensuring our users always have cutting-edge tools.


Q: Are there current platform users, and if so, how have they responded to the changes?

A: Yes, we have a select group of clients who have fully embraced and have been using the new platform for the past 8 months. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The new features have improved their access to commonly used forms and yielded smoother workflows. Our Onboarding form tracking and Workflow maintenance options have also reduced the need for support, further boosting their efficiency.


Q: How can interested parties get started with the new CredentialMyDoc platform?

A: Getting started has been very easy for clients. Simply start using the platform. While the core functionality remains familiar, we offer group training courses to familiarize users with the new features. And the platform provides direct access to KnowledgeNows for additional support.


Q: What's next on the horizon for CredentialMyDoc?

A: The future holds many new enhancements for CredentialMyDoc which will delight our customers. We're focusing on delivering bigger, better, and faster features. Some upcoming additions include an Electronic Checklist and CAQH import options. Our aim is to continually innovate and provide our users with tools that keep them ahead of the curve.


Take Advantage of the New CredentialMyDoc Today

Streamlining the healthcare industry's credentialing and enrollment processes is no small feat, but CredentialMyDoc is leading the charge with an innovative approach. With a new and improved platform, a suite of user-friendly features, and a commitment to constant improvement, CredentialMyDoc is setting the standard for efficiency and effectiveness in the field. Request a demo today.