Benefits of Hourly Rounding in Nursing

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

We are currently focusing on hourly rounding as a component of improving the patient experience. Hourly rounding is a structured means of promoting patient-centered communication in a healthcare setting between staff, patients, and their loved ones to ensure the best outcomes.

The Benefits of Hourly Rounding

When consistently and effectively applied, Hourly Rounding will:

  • Reduce patient falls
  • Reduce call lights for increased nurse efficiency and satisfaction
  • Reduce skin breakdown
  • Improve patient perceptions of their care
  • Improve HCAHPS and patient experience scores
  • Give nurses more time for patient care tasks – you are more in control of your time by being proactive rather than reactive. 

Using Hourly Rounding for Results

Hourly Rounding should be considered critical to an organization’s commitment to patient centered excellence. BLG recommends following a process of:

  • Preparing patients and their loved ones to expect hourly rounding as our commitment to excellent care
  • Agreeing upon a convenient time for hourly rounding with the patients
  • Following up as appropriate and always closing to ensure the patient has what is needed 

Five Key Actions to Remember for Hourly Rounding

We call these the Five P’s. Many organizations use varying actions (e.g., 3 P’s, ICARE). What we find to be most important is not the name or acronym, but ensuring these five comprehensive actions take place every hour.

1. Pain - Ask the patient if they are having any pain. If they were recently medicated, ask what their pain level is currently. Discuss pain goals and options with the patient and family. Notify RN if pain not improving. “We want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

2. Potty - Ask the patient if they need any assistance going to the bathroom. “We will check on you every hour and address any needs that you may have.” “Your safety is always our concern, we will be happy to assist you to the bathroom.”

3. Positioning - Look at the patient. Pull them up in the bed if necessary. Turn their pillow over. Reposition them to enhance skin integrity. “We will constantly check your position to make sure that you are comfortable.”  

4. Personal Items - See if all personal items are within reach. “Do you have everything that you need?” “I want to make sure everything is within reach for you.”

5. Privacy - “I’m going to pull your curtain (shut your door) for your privacy.”

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