Use Task To Touch Training to Improve Patient Experience During Provider Encounters

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

As an introduction to Task To Touch, a new HealthStream courseware partner, we asked them the following questions.

Can you tell us briefly about your organization?

We have been conducting healthcare patient perception research for the past 20+ years.  In that time, Task To Touch has spent over 1,000 hours sitting bedside to better understand what patients are perceiving and how to adopt specific skills to enhance their experience in the healthcare setting.

What are some of the big challenges you are helping healthcare organizations address?

We are helping organizations understand the importance of adding ‘Touch’ to every patient encounter and closing the current gap between what healthcare professionals think their job is relative to the patient and what patients really desire.

In what ways are you helping address these challenges?  What changes do you help them make?

We offer a ‘Touch Program’ for organizations who want to inspire employees to connect with every patient.  We use Task To Touch videos as a training tool to demonstrate desired behaviors and to show the small subtle changes that make the biggest differences.  We use the videos to show that getting to know the patient has a positive impact such as learning how to add Touch to hourly rounding.

Do you have research about your solutions and their problem-solving capability?

Our company has over 20 years of patient perception research resulting in a half a million healthcare mystery shops to support our clients in better understanding patient/consumer interactions.

We have spent over 1,000 hours in hospitals across the US sitting bedside so that our clients can gain a unique insight into their patient experience culture.

We have conducted several in-depth Touch Programs at hospitals to share how connecting with ‘Touch’ makes a positive impact on employee, patients, and the organization’s patient satisfaction scores. The program features pre- and post-program surveys in addition to pre- and post-HCAHPS scores.

Can you share any specific stories of customer achievement by using your solutions?

Hospitals have used our courseware to reinforce specific behaviors, better understand how to enhance their individual encounters with patients, and to assist departments, units, and individuals who need additional skills in communication, emotional intelligence, and patient provider relationships.

What are you working on for improving the future of healthcare?

We have a list of 30 future videos in the works that will address frontline employees, ambulatory employees, and managers.  The main purpose of the ‘Touch Program’ and the Task To Touch videos is to demonstrate that adding ‘Touch’ is a skill that doesn’t take any more time and has a huge impact on patients.

Why does a partnership with HealthStream make sense to your organization?

Task To Touch is a tremendous fit for the way healthcare providers prefer to learn today.  Micro learning is a new way to introduce the key behaviors that have the greatest impact on patients while keeping the employee’s attention and respecting their level of knowledge.

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