A Higher State of Care with St. Peter's Health

June 23, 2020
June 23, 2020

About the Customer

St. Peter's Health services include a bed acute care hospital, physician clinics, a cancer treatment center, a behavioral health unit, urgent care clinics, home health and hospice care, a dialysis center, ambulance services and more. CredentialStream was their solution that enabled St. Peter's Health to manage the complete provider lifecycle and automate functions such as privileging, enrollment, and workforce validation.


Patients are the center of everything at St. Peter’s Health. The organization’s services include a 99- bed acute care hospital, physician clinics, a cancer treatment center, a 24-bed behavioral health unit, urgent care clinics, home health and hospice care, a dialysis center, ambulance services and more, leading the charge in caring for an estimated 97,000 residents from a surrounding five-county area.

With a vision to be the gold standard for healthcare in MT by 2025, St. Peter’s Health needed a credentialing and privileging solution that could help them continue to expand coverage to meet the developing needs of their growing community.

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Growth—New location equaled a surge in new specialists
With a new clinic opening, St. Peter’s Health needed a sophisticated solution to allow them to bring in new providers to meet patient needs without delay.

Administrative Fatigue—Onboarding many new physicians
As community needs evolve, St. Peter’s Health was looking for a way to onboard new types of specialists without the added time of having to research privileging requirements for each specialty.

System Limitations—Current system had constrained functionality
St. Peter’s Health had a legacy system that functioned more as a storage space than a tool to simplify credentialing and privileging.

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

When St Peter’s Health learned that Midas was preparing to sunset their Seeker product, the organization set out to replace it with an all-inclusive solution that enabled them to manage the complete provider lifecycle. St. Peter’s Health wanted all provider data to be stored in a single location and the ability to automate additional functions such as privileging, enrollment and workforce validation. They also wanted to fast track implementation to gain immediate access to a slew of cutting-edge technology, while retaining the option to add more products and functionality later. They were so impressed with HealthStream's integrated products, they didn’t stop with purchasing just CredentialStream, which includes everything needed to request, gather, and validate providers - they also added Privilege and Referring ProviderValidation to their toolset.

"As our community grows, we need to expand our services to meet new needs. HealthStream's Privileging content has been essential in helping us rapidly onboard new specialists. We no longer have to rely on updating outdated forms or creating new ones. All the privileging content we need is there."

Hadley Stanfel, Medical Staff Services Officer


Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
St. Peter’s Medical Staff Service team can now build their own reports without having to request data and/or support from other departments. Whether they need a list of provider email addresses, a list of provider home addresses, or any other type of list, they have data and reporting capabilities at their fingertips.

Expirables Tracking
With automated expirables tracking, St. Peters can now work more closely with providers to stay ahead of renewals and updates. There’s no more chasing documentation “after the fact” – a win for both providers and the Medical Staff Service team.

Streamlined Privileging
VerityStream’s library of continuously updated, best-practice, evidence-based, specialty-specific privilege forms eliminates the need to conduct time-consuming research and manually update forms.

Accelerated Application Processing & Improved Provider Satisfaction
With the ability to turn applications around more quickly, providers can get to work doing what they do best—delivering patient care.

Improve_CLooking Ahead

The organization’s growth will continue to play a central role in their adoption of CredentialStream. In the future, St Peter’s Health plans to:

  • Create a 100% electronic credentialing process
  • Take advantage of Enroll to reduce the time it takes to enroll providers and increase reimbursement rates
  • Improve the provider onboarding experience by utilizing the onboarding workflows in Onboard