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Elevate Your Clinicians with Preceptor Development

September 12, 2022
September 12, 2022

About the Customer

Antelope Valley Medical Center is a full-service, acute care hospital with approximately 3,000 employees.

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Antelope Valley’s new education specialist immediately identified the need for a robust preceptor development program. The previous program was outdated and therefore no longer in use. Resources were inadequate and there was no consistent method to identify and train those identified for precepting.


HealthStream’s Preceptor Development offered a fresh start that would produce the desired level of expertise and give preceptors needed tools to navigate training and troubleshoot problems. The education specialist liked the use of modules and checklists, which lent consistency to the preceptors’ educational progression.


The Preceptor Development program has been a success, with combined modules and in-person sessions where participants learn to form action plans, request checklist checkoffs, and provide a consistent preceptee experience. Feedback has also been positive, as participants feel they now have the tools they need to adjust to different learning styles and help preceptees work through issues that may be hindering their performance. The facility went from no consistent training plan to a robust program that has trained 36 preceptors in the first four months, which was also during the height of the pandemic.

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36 preceptors trained in four months

"The preceptors greatly value the knowledge provided by this program. Before they were floundering without any clear path or support. Now, they have the tools to communicate challenges to their management team and constructively guide their preceptees.”

Christy Ballard, MSN, RN, CCRN, Manager/Education & Professional Development | Antelope Valley Medical Center